• (11 Top) to MacOS where download ☀️ v 3.7.06 VideoDrive


    VideoDrive - Multimedia Design - 6042 KB - Video - Aroona Software


    VideoDrive makes adding videos to iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV as easy as drag-and-drop. - Add any video format: VideoDrive supports over 20 video formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, VIDEO_TS and FLV. If you have it, VideoDrive will put it in iTunes. - Identify movies and TV shows: Movies and TV Shows are automatically added to the right category in iTunes. With matching descriptions and artwork found online. You can also categorise videos as Home Videos, Music Videos and even iTunes U videos. - Videos on the go: With you videos in iTunes, you can sync them easily to your iPhone or iPad, or watch them on the big screen with Apple TV. VideoDrive can automatically sync newly imported videos to your iOS devices.. - Share your videos: VideoDrive is compatible with iTunes Home Sharing and Airplay. Share your video collection with anyone in your household and beam videos to Airplay enabled devices. - Works with the tools you know:Download videos from Transmission and convert them with HandBrake, Elgato Turbo.264 (HD) or QuickTime. - Queue and Process: Queue your new videos and until the time is right to add them to iTunes. Or let VideoDrive do its thing at night. New option to postpone conversions when running on battery power. - Inbox folders: With Hot Folders, you can create inbox folders in Finder. Any new video file that arrives in this folder will be added to iTunes, even if VideoDrive is not running. - Store videos where you want: Store videos locally or on an external disk or NAS, while keeping your music on your main drive. With VideoDrive, you just set and forget. - Add matching subtitles: Like watching foreign videos? VideoDrive will add SRT subtitles files to your videos. And browse the web and automatically download matching subtitles in your language (Requires the Subtitles app). - Backup: Optionally keep a copy of your original video files in a separate folder or external disk as a backup. Note: This demo version is fully functional and allows you to import and tag 15 videos.

    Best! version 3.6.07-VideoDrive-XWd8R.tar.gz | 7129 kbytes |
    Best to Mojave VideoDrive_v.3.7.9_T7XN.app | 7189 kbytes |
    Updated MacOS ylI_vers.3.7.01_VideoDrive.dmg | 5377 kbytes |
    New iMac yydl7l.videodrive.ver.3.10.06.dmg | 5981 kbytes |

    Aroona Software
    Official site:

    Recomended to 10.11.6 ZSFLCC.V.7.0.2.TRASH.IT!.APP 7.0.4

    {5679 KB} Free 3.6.05 VideoDrive Vo2VYs 5.7.06 Version for MacOS
    {7129 KB} Get ver. 3.5.04 VideoDrive kUUBr5 3.6.05 New! version
    {4954 KB} v 3.7.9 VideoDrive LDxla 3.7.7 Best to iMac
    {6404 KB} Download VideoDrive vers 3.6.06 Q0Zx 3.8.06 Updated for iMac

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